Serial Penis Flasher Stephen Cooper Arrested Again

Penis Flasher Stephen Cooper is due in court next month after police officers were called to reports of a person exposing themself.

Essex Police responded to reports of a man exposing himself in Spring Gardens Road, Chappel, last Monday, September 21.

A 37-year-old man was arrested a short time later.

Following work by local officers, the Management of Sexual Offenders and Violent Offenders secured charges.

Stephen Cooper, of Nansen Road, Ipswich was charged with exposure and breaching a sexual harm prevention order.

Cooper is known locally in Suffolk and Essex for being a serial flasher of his penis and has been arrested and charged on many occasions after chasing women down the street waving around his penis at that them.

Georgina Collins from Braintree told Global247news how she experienced a ‘flash’ from Cooper 2 years ago and has only recovered from the shock, she said: ” He charges at you head-on with his willy in his hands and when he gets face to face with you he starts waving around before giving it a tug when it happens you don’t know what to do, I ran but he then ran after me, as I looked over my shoulder he was still waving his willy in the air laughing”

” Thankfully I ran into a taxi office and he didn’t follow – he’s well known apparently and been done many times but he keeps repeating, they need to lock him up this time and throw away the key!”

” I still have nightmares about it two years later” she finished.

A police source from Clacton police station said: ” We keep arresting him, but he still ends up back on the streets repeating”  Global247News Twitter

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