10pm curfew: Shocking video shows hundreds of drunk maskless people rammed together in Liverpool City Centre after closing time

Cities all across the UK have shown thousands of people crammed together with no masks on as they vacate pubs and bars in time for the nationwide 10pm curfew.

The nightly curfew which has been imposed on establishments such as restaurants, pubs and casinos have been implemented in a bid to curtail the coronavirus as cases soar.

However, videos such as the one in Liverpool city centre below, show it has only led to people having street parties and being more at risk of passing the virus onto one another.

All pubs, bars and restaurants had to shut by 10pm on Thursday, September 24 to comply with new rules that were announced earlier this week.

Images from the first night – a weeknight – showed mostly empty streets in cities such as Cardiff, Newcastle and even London.

However, the weekend brought millions of revellers into the cities who then proceeded to party in the streets once the bars had closed for curfew.

Liverpool’s mayor, Joe Anderson, said the lockdown was “making things more dangerous”.

He spoke out after the images and videos circulated.

“You can’t have off-licences and supermarkets open until midnight selling beer, and pubs emptying out at 10pm, when people go to the off-licences, buy beer, drink either out in the street in large groups or go to houses, and drink in large groups. It will just spread the virus.

“The situation currently is making things more dangerous and not better.

“I think it’s stupid to close restaurants at 10pm,” he said, adding that midnight would be “more responsible” and that pubs closures should be staggered.

“Some can operate till 11pm, some 12, with entertainment licences managed by local authorities.

“It’s not going to be 100% successful but it’ll be a lot better than what we currently have.”

Images from London showed similar scenes with hundreds of partygoers – mostly drunk and maskless – packed into tube station stairwells as they tried to catch the last trains home.

Merseyside Police said there was “a spontaneous gathering around a local street performer” in Hanover Street, seen in footage shared on social media.

A spokesperson said people “dispersed within minutes under the close monitoring of officers and via CCTV”.

Mr Anderson said the images were “shocking but predictable”.

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