Third wave of the virus is 'entirely possible' warns Government advisor

A scientific advisor to the Government has warned that a third wave of the coronavirus across the UK would be ‘entirely possible’. If a vaccine is not found to combat the spread.

Third wave of the virus is ‘entirely possible’: Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show this morning, Professor Mark Woolhouse, from Edinburgh University, said that while lock downs will help to slow the spread of the virus, without a vaccine there is no long-term cure. And, only with a vaccine, would it be possible to provide a lasting solution to the pandemic.

He said during the interview that “The Government’s strategy is to sit this out for the next 6 months. That is what we are told”. He went on to say “And implicitly in that the expectation is that after six months something will be different. And the obvious something is for there to be a vaccine. I have to say that most people I have talked to involved with vaccine development think that we may have a vaccine in six months. But it’s doubtful that we will have been able to roll it out on a mass scale by then. So we’re in a difficult situation for some months to come I’m afraid.”

As an advisor to the Government he said their failure to plan anything other than a lock down made the second wave more likely.

He also said that when plans were made back in March, before the first lock down, it would only ever defer the problem and not solve it.

Speaking frankly during the interview he added that. “It solves an immediate crisis because it reduces transmission quickly. But it doesn’t actually solve the problem in the long-term. It doesn’t make the virus go away.

So in the middle of March we were modelling scenarios. Where it was entirely possible that we would need to lock down again in September .And that’s exactly the position we find ourselves in.” Asked whether he thought there would be a third wave of the virus he said that it was “entirely possible”.  Global247News Twitter

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