Red Wine Explosion in Spain as 50,000 litres pour out of wine tank

A red wine vat in Spain has exploded pouring out 50,000 litres

The explosion took place to the shock of residents at the Bodegas Vitivinos winery in Villamalea, Spain.

A sea of red wine flooded out to the floor which saw many local residents running out to the streets of the area carrying jugs to collect the famous Spanish tipple.

Winery workers could only watch helplessly as the thousands of litres of wine slowly drained away to the pleasure of the local jug holders who were gathering up wine at a rate of knots.

Local media reported that a break in one of the vats may have caused the wine to break free of the tank.

Although eyewitness to the flood of wine Gavin Grimshaw from Taunton, who works as a tanker driver in the area distributing the wine to Europe told Global247news: ” I’ve never seen anything like it, I was just pulling up in the tanker and boom – it blew!”

” Residents nearby came running out carrying jugs scooping up the wine, although there wasn’t that many as I thought there would be – at home, it would have been chaos, I’ve got two pals Adrian Vincent & Yasmin King and they would have camped out all night” he laughed.

” The pair live on the booze – this would have been eutopia for them” he burst out laughing.  Global247News Twitter

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