Bus staff member fired after sending 'creepy' messages to childminder

A staff member who worked for Original Tour Buses has been fired. After it was revealed that he sent a passenger ‘creepy’ messages after spotting her on his bus.

Bus staff member fired after sending ‘creepy’ messages: Kat Kingsley, 25, who was travelling on the bus with the child she was looking after, gave the company her track and trace details should they need to contact her. However, imagine her shock when a staff member used her details to send her private messages that she could only describe as ‘creepy’.

They were asking to see her again. Following an investigation into the incident the staff member in question has been fired. Also a company spokesperson announced that the company were going to introduce a system where the customers details were stored more securely. later, on receiving the news, Ms Kingsley told the BBC that “he went through a disciplinary process. And I think that he thought he would keep his job after being suspended but he has been fired”.

Additionally, she went on to say that she “hoped it had taught him a lesson. And that it should be a deterrent for anyone else thinking about breaching data protection rules”. Finally, she finished off the interview by saying that. “the Government really need to re-assess the system as a direct result of my experience”. A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Care said that. “the unauthorized use of customers data is totally unacceptable” after hearing the result of the investigation.

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