Amanda Holden slams Government for not acting sooner on travel rules for COVID

Television star Amanda Holden, 49, has sparked quite a lot of controversy on Saturday nights Britains Got Talent. By wearing a dress with a plunging neckline.

Amanda Holden courts controversy on BGT: For the semi-finals, where 8 acts were competing to see who got through to the final, she wore a very distinctive blue gown that left little to the imagination. And some viewers agreed that it was a little too daring for a family show.

Holden has previously had complaints about her made to Ofcom due to her risque outfits. One viewer took to their social media account on Twitter to say “can Amanda Holden please wear something more appropriate for BGT.

It is a family show and, week after week, the outfits (although stunning) just show more and more. It isn’t appropriate but it is our favourite show”. Another said “Did my eyes deceive me or was Amanda Holden flashing”?

Amanda Holden courts controversy on BGT with daring dress

However other viewers were in full support of the outfit, saying that she looked “utterly stunning”. Speaking in an interview to the Mail on Sunday last year, Amanda said “I love it that people are still talking about my tired old breasts and I’m nearly 50!”  Global247News Twitter

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