Chris Bryant calls it totally irresponsible calling for a Welsh Referendum during Coronavirus pandemic

The Member of Parliament for the Rhondda Valley has taken to social media to state how “disappointed” he is that opposition party Plaid Cymru has called for a Welsh independence referendum, which has been supported by Rhondda MS Leanne Wood.
MP Bryant further stated, “We have the best of both worlds in Wales, over the last 10 years we’ve received at least £100bn more than we pay in tax from the UK Government, and we’re able to make our own decisions on where that money is spent: Education, Health and Transport among many other things.”
“Totally irresponsible to be calling to split the UK at this time. The financial impact in Wales, and the Rhondda, would be devastating. We achieve far more working together than we do by going it alone.”
Although in the Welsh Valleys many find it hard to take the MP seriously since he placed himself on gay dating site Grinder in his Y-Fronts.
” Whatever his views an opinions I and many others can not take this man seriously, I do actually agree with his comments on this occasion but I still can’t take him seriously since he exposed himself on Grinder in his pants,” said Rhodri Jones from Taffs Well.

“I know many feel the same way too, he’s a bit of a joke figure around these parts I’m afraid”

MP Chris Bryant In His Pants On Gay Dating Site Grinder

Another villager in Taffs Well told Global247news how he can’t understand how Bryant was voted in and how he feels there should be an independent Wales, Dewi Lewis said: ” We don’t need or want the English anymore, we deserve our independence, that idiot Bryant blames the pandemic, well look how England have handled it compared to Wales, awful another sign why we should break away totally”

“As for his comments – I’ll tell you what be irresponsible is – being a Welsh MP and taking photo’s of yourself in your stained Y-Fronts and posing on a website for the world to see!”  he finished.  Global247News Twitter

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