Smoke Detectors Save The Lives Of Camborne Family in Devastating Home Fire

Smoke detectors save a family from burning alive in Camborne

Smoke Detectors Save The Lives Of Camborne Family: A family is alive this morning thanks to their working smoke alarms, according to the fire service.

A 999 call was received by Critical Control this morning just before 12.30 am. Shortly after a family in Camborne were woken up by the noise of an alarm going off.

A crew from Tolvaddon Fire Station was sent to the street, which has not been identified.

However, the family had managed to put the flames out before the crew arrived. Thanks to their early warning.

Later, a fire service spokesperson said: “A small fire was extinguished by the occupants before it had time to develop and before the arrival of the fire appliance.”

Once the fire crew checked that everything was safe they stated. “The smoke alarms saved the lives of the family.”

Thoug the devastating fire for the family is a stark reminder to everyone to fit and test smoke alarms on a regular basis.

Afterwards, Cambourne resident and eyewitness to the fire, Mary Stenning told local Global247news reporter this morning: “I was woken by the smell of smoke. It was that bad I thought it was my house on fire.  I ran down the stairs and could see all the blue flashing lights out my back patio doors. Whilst I was relieved it wasn’t me on fire, I went out to take a look. Thankfully all the family got out quickly thanks to the smoke alarms”  Global247News Twitter

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