Paris knife attack: 2 wounded at Charlie Hebdo newspaper in France's capital as government calls it "Act of terrorism"

French police called the attack “Islamist terrorism” outside of the Charlie Hebdo building. Bcause of its location and timing — as a trial is underway over the massacre at the satirical newspaper in 2015.

Paris knife attack: 2 wounded at Charlie Hebdo newspape: A man with a knife attacked two employees of the Premieres Lignes news production agency who were outside their office in the 11th arrondissement on Friday.

The stabbings took place by the the former address of Charlie Hebdo. A weekly satirical newspaper whose staff was massacred in a 2015 attack by Islamist militants.

The 14 alleged accomplices in that attack are currently on trial in Paris. Which has called the authorities forward to label the attack as ‘terrorism’.

The new address of Charlie Hebdo , which often pokes fun at prominent individuals and cultures, was moved to a different part of Paris. And is being kept a secret to deter further attacks.

Al-Qaeda said the magazine offended all Muslims by publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed after the attacks in 2015.

Subsequently, Charlie Hebdo had reprinted some of the cartoons ahead of the trial.

And now, the magazine condemned Friday’s attack as an “odious” act by “terrorists” driven by fanaticism and intolerance.

Earlier, the French interior minister, Gérald Darmanin, said yesterday evening that the 18-year-old Pakistani suspect was not known to the police as an extremist.

Darmanin said charges of “attempted murder related to a terrorist enterprise” and “conspiracy with terrorists” are being brought upon the 18 year old man.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex said the attack took place “in a symbolic location”. Not far from a mural that pays tribute to the victims of the 2015 massacre.  Global247News Twitter

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