Argentinian minister resigns after kissing woman's breasts online

An Argentinian legislator working for the lower house of congress has been forced to resign from his position. After he was seen kissing his girlfriend’s naked breasts during an online debate with colleagues.

Argentinian minister resigns after kissing woman’s breasts: The shocking moment was shown live on the Government’s YouTube site during a meeting about pension funds. It was also screened on a giant television set up especially for debates during the pandemic.

The man being accused of the indecent act, Juan Carlos Ameri, said in his defense that he thought he was offline when the incident happened. And said in a radio interview later that he had a “terrible internet connection at home”.

He resigned on Thursday after being asked to meet with Sergio Massa, the president of the lower house. Mr Ameri stated that while he thought he was offline, his girlfriend, who had recently had a breast enlargement operation, entered the room. And he asked her to show him the implants.

He said he asked to see her scars and then pulled her blouse down and kissed her tits and that was all.

Despite his claims of being offline, the footage showed him looking directly into the camera on his computer. And everyone watching saw the shocking moment live online. Mr Ameri pleaded to be suspended from his seat but after pressure he decided to resign.  Global247News Twitter

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