A Very Dark Day In Bridgend As Ford Closes For Good

The end of an era in Bridgend in South Wales as workers leave for the final time

A Very Dark Day In Bridgend As Ford Closes For Good: Workers have left the Bridgend Ford factory for the final time. As production stops for good, after 40 years of operation.

With 1,644 staff employed at the site, most of whom have opted for retraining,. While 120 will remain on-site for a few months longer to help with the decommissioning. One worker called it “A very dark day” for the manufacturing industry.

He told Global247news: “It’s a very dark day indeed, I’ve worked here for nearly 30 years. It’s been my life working for Ford and now this is the end a slice of Bridgend history gone”

Another, Jason Thorne hung his head low as he walked out the plant’s gates and said: “It’s a shame that we cannot make our own cars again. And motorcycles to give British people jobs not take them away, especially now that we are leaving the EU”

Whilst another coming out for the final time Mike Lewis remarked: “Sadly Ford is closing the Bridgend plant. Going abroad for cheap labour, it’s the end of the road for me after many years here”

Not all though carry the same sentiment in the area. Jack Gavin who lives on the Broadlands estate in Bridgend and doesn’t work for Ford feels that contractors are to blame for rising costs. And the reason why the car manufacturer has pulled out the area. He said: “My friend worked there doing safety assessments and noted that there were contractors there who’d been there for years rinsing Ford for huge wages. Some of the nicest houses in Broadlands are owned by Ford employees. Who buy a cheap new car and stash it for six months until they can sell it”

Whatever the thoughts now, the Ford plant is now closed in Bridgend. And gone for good as Ford move abroad to lower employment costs. And a part of motoring history in South Wales has gone forever.


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