Students maybe forced to spend Christmas on campus in Wales

Students in Wales may be forced to spend the Christmas period on campus in the battle against the Coronavirus

Thousands of students in Wales face the possibility of not being able to return home for Christmas and having to remain on campus.

The First Minister for Wales has said the Welsh Government would “contemplate” the possibility that university students should stay on campus over the Christmas period.
In minutes expected to be published by the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), experts could warn that there is a risk students will spread the disease in their communities when they return home.
“We will certainly contemplate it”, Mr Drakeford said.
“It is true as people move across the United Kingdom, then that increases the risk of the virus moving with them”.
But, he said it “would not be sensible” to make a decision at the moment.
Students though in Cardiff have had their say and feel it’s ridiculous, Ben Turner told Global247news this morning:
” It goes to show how far away current politicians are away from reality – if students are forced to stay on campus then all they will do is party amongst each other and hit the bars of Cardiff if they are still open”
“It is a crazy thought and I can’t believe Drakeford is even thinking about it – no common sense whatsoever, it will never stick anyway, students will just head for home early anyway in many cases”  Global247News Twitter

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