Staff told to disclose office relationships

An investment company has set out new rules for it’s staff members. That say they must reveal any personal relationships and office romances.

Staff told to disclose office relationships: BlackRock issued a new policy stating that staff now have to let them know if they are having sexual, romantic or any other personal relationships with external partners that have an affiliation to the company.

At present, the existing policy, which covers the company’s 16,000 employees, states that a staff member must inform a manager if they are having a relationship with a colleague. Now, most companies these days have a rule where internal relationships must be made known. However, BlackRock have taken it a step further and say that any employee dating someone who works for a company that deals with them must let it be known.

Currently, friendships with colleagues is not on the list and does not have to be disclosed. But, it is unclear at what point a friendship becomes significant enough to require disclosure. The company says that disclosures will be treated with discretion. Previously, a senior executive working for the company, Mark Wiseman, was sacked for not telling them of an affair with a work colleague.  Global247News Twitter

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