Drunken Gerald Jackson Jailed After Being Banned From Flying To Spain

Ex pub landlord Gerald Jackson who was banned from boarding a flight to Spain has been Jailed

Gerald Jackson from York was attempting to fly from Leeds Bradford airport to Spain to visit his parents.

Although police officers at the airport noticed he was extremely drunk as he dropped his suitcases and lost his balance falling to the floor.

The police officers on duty at the airport intercepted the drunk Brit and informed him he was banned from flying to Spain that day as he was too drunk to board the flight.

Jackson shouted and swore at two police officers and was told he was being arrested due to his behaviour after they informed him of the flight ban.

Jackson appeared at Leeds Crown Court yesterday in front of a jury as Richard Walters, prosecuting, said Jackson struggled with one officer before repeatedly punching him in the face, leading the officer to fear he would be knocked unconscious.

The officer defended himself and punched Jackson in the head five times as the drunken passenger continued to struggle.

CCTV footage from police body cameras played in court showed Jackson’s mouth was bleeding and he was spitting blood – not intentionally at police as he swore and shouted abuse.

Jackson shouted “there you go, have that” and “I will have you both” and even threatened to bite police during the attack just after 3 pm on January 22.

The court heard the officer Jackson attacked suffered bruising and swelling to his left eye and face, scratches to his left ear and had blood dripping down his face.

The court also heard that Jackson had a drinking problem relating back to his days as a pub landlord as well as being a drug user.

Jailing Jackson for three months, Judge Simon Batiste said he was “extremely drunk,” adding: “On this occasion, your relapse had been pretty dramatic.”

“It is important that it is understood that there is a deterrent to stop people from being that drunk and behaving in that way in airports.”

As Jackson starts his jail time bar landlords are relieved in Spain as he’s been known to be problematic previously.

A Bar owner in Spain said: “It’s no surprise really, he’s banned from a lot of bars here, he comes over to visit his parents and gets totally rat arsed and punchy – hopefully, the jail time might bring him to his senses but I doubt it, his name has been on our pub watch scheme here for a while now”


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