Aberaman drug issues are becoming so big it's getting known as SKANK CITY

Used needles have been found and reported to the council, due to the safety concerns they pose.
The needles were found near the Royal Mail sorting office in Aberaman, with witnesses describing the area as having “A real problem with drugs”.
Aberaman is becoming known as ” Skank City” as the town daily is cleaned up of thousands of used needles and syringes discarded by drug users.
Dai Goulding from the town told Global247news of what he witnesses daily as he walks his dogs.
He said: “It’s not pleasant at all, you walk the paths of the town and all you find is needles and syringes everywhere and stacks of burnt tin foil, it’s disgusting and very dangerous, clearly this town has a major drugs problem”
” Sometimes you see the druggies rolling in the sides of the hedges spewing up and totally out of their box high on drugs, but what you never see is a police officer, where are they? – this is a dangerous situation with needles strewn across the floor for anyone to tread on and even worse what about young children?” he questioned.
Although local Council worker Mr Lewis says he collects over 2000 discarded items a day on times, he told us:
“It’s never-ending each day I go out on patrol and collect at least a thousand needles and syringes, some days it can be up to 2000, this town has a serious issue with drug abuse, I can guarantee once I’ve cleaned an area, a call will come in of another reporting and give it a few hours and the original area cleaned is full again.”
“If you see anything of this sort, then please report to RCT Council immediately, as they will class this as urgent.” he finished.

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