17 year old Merthyr Tydfil Teenager Critical After Horror Smash With Life Changing Injuries

A 17-year-old boy from Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, was involved in a horrific car crash yesterday on the A465 between the former ‘Baverstocks Hotel’ and Hirwaun roundabout.
The collision involved a white Renault Clio and a bronze Toyota Landcruiser, which caused the road to shut for several hours.
Reports from Merthyr Tydfil allege that the 17-year-old teenager did not hold a full driving license and questions are being raised as to where he obtained the car.
Wendy Hill from the Gurnos estate, notorious for criminal activity said: ” The word on the estate is that he nicked the car and didn’t have a driving license – people are saying that’s why he lost control of the car”
South Wales Police though have not as yet confirmed any further detail despite the chatter amongst the local community.
Although the police are appealing to any witnesses to come forward to help them with ongoing enquiries.
Merthyr Tydfil has one of the highest rates of crime in South Wales as well as the highest rates of unemployment and claimants of sickness benefit.
Local Naz Patel told Global247news how the area has become work-shy and how he feels it leads to crime:
He said: “There are no jobs here and that leads to crime, everyone has become work-shy too, it’s easier for them to claim, steal and rob than go to work these days, take this latest incident you just know sooner or later it will come out probably as a stolen car”

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