Two Gwent Police Officers Sacked after Secret Sex Sessions in Squad Car

Two Gwent Police officers have been barred from the force for gross misconduct after being caught having secret sex sessions on duty. 

The two officers would conduct their ‘meetings’ inside a squad car while on duty. They were caught after their GPS devices recorded the secret meet-ups.

A panel heard that the officers would secretly drive to secluded areas and meet, despite being on duty.

Their actions were initially discovered after several anonymous phone calls were made about the couple.

A disciplinary hearing was told the male officer (known as Mr. A) received oral sex from his female colleague inside the squad car.

Both officers have since been barred from the force after a disciplinary panel found allegations against both officers proven and amounting to gross misconduct.

Mr. A and Ms. B would have been dismissed but quit the force as soon as the allegations were unveiled.

Panel chair Christopher McKay says their actions have ‘undermined public confidence in the police force.’  Global247News Twitter

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