Fuengirola Port Matters Campaign group make statement as support grows at rapid pace

Fuengirola Port campaigners make a statement as support grows for the bar and restaurant owners

The campaigners who are trying to protect all business owners in the port of Fuengirola have released a statement today whilst support from all over Spain and Europe grows.

The statement reads:

” Quick update on yesterday’s meeting. All bar owners/workers met once again at the Family Bar in the port, hoping to get some answers from the Town Hall. Unfortunately, the Town Hall was unable to make it but gave us the option of either Monday or Thursday to go to them, with the Mayoress herself being there. So as a group we decided to bite the bullet and go on Thursday, giving everyone time to think of any more questions they may have. What we also agreed on was the help/support of all of you!! We would like to invite every one of your family and friends to come along and support us, the port, and Fuengirola in general on Thursday 1st October at the Town Hall. The media will be there, and together we are strong. So please put that event in your diaries, and come along, hopefully, we can get the port back to its lively, fun place it once was. Will update everyone on exact time once it’s been confirmed!! “

The statement comes as a massive wave of support grows daily for the business owners who now have a meeting booked with the local Town Hall.

The campaigners have taken the initiative to start a Facebook group called ‘ Fuengirola Port Matters’ that has in just a few days seen membership rise to nearly 900 people, whilst their new hashtag starts to dominate on Twitter.

An admin of the campaign Facebook group covered the plight when she posted and explained:

“Fuengirola Port has been badly affected by the Global Pandemic, made worse by the disconnect between the Port Authority and the Town Hall. Business owners appear to have been targeted by the police for minor infractions and as a result, many businesses have had to close their doors. We hope that this group will help bring the problems of the port to the attention of a wider audience and that together we can collaborate to bring about positive change and help businesses to survive and thrive. We invite you to contribute to the discussion by sharing your experiences as well as to publicise your businesses -Together we are stronger!”

The campaign has all come about as the local police in Fuengirola constantly raid the port and fine business owners which thousands in the Spanish town feel are totally unfair.

The fines are for many reasons it appears, whilst other establishments along Fuengirola’s seafront establishments don’t seem to be targetted in the same manner.

Some cynics in the area are of the belief that the businesses are trying to be driven out of the port in preparation for the proposed redevelopment of the area.

“It’s clear as a bell that the owners in the port are being targetted far more than any other establishment on the Costa del Sol,” says  Frank Welling who resides in the town, ” I go there often, well used to, normally every night just for a couple of pints and something to eat but if you go there now, you see more police than punters as they are clearly being targetted”

“I’ve seen the police parked up hiding on their scooters in the public car park many times as they wait to pounce,”

” Whilst business is tough for all, the police in the port is actually scaring away business, I’ve stopped going for now as I don’t trust myself to keep my gob shut to the police,” he said.

“Take a walk along the seafront and you won’t see any other establishments being stalked by the police like that, it’s victimization” he finished.

Meanwhile, Alex George in the town has said what many believe is the real truth of the shenanigans the business owners are facing:

“Has anyone else contemplated that this is being done on purpose? I mean it’s something that has been happening for hundreds of years all around the world. Governments destabilise countries and then throw their own dictator in. Happens on a smaller scale all the time too. Drive local businesses down, evict the people, buy the buildings at a far reduced cost, destroy the buildings, build new ones that are far more expensive, make loads of money – Police are clearly targeting small businesses there -There are plans for a complete overhaul of the port- There aren’t even any signs for the port on the roads”

The sentiment is followed by hundreds of ex-pats residing in the town, feeling it’s the real motive behind it all.

One of those Billy Johnson said: “It’s Spain although unlawful it’s still the way it works I’m afraid, the redevelopment plans look stupid to me anyway, why would Fuengirola attract cruise ships for instance? – this is all a ‘job for the boys’ and a stitch-up I wouldn’t trust that Mayoress Ana Mula as far as I could throw her – I wish all the business owners down there the best of luck”








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