Wedding is set by "Romeo and Juliet" of lockdown who fell in love from their balconies

A couple from Verona, Italy, are set to get married after they fell in love from the balconies of their homes during the coronavirus lockdown.

Wedding is set by “Romeo and Juliet” of lockdown: Paola Agnelli, 40, and Michele D’Alpaos, 38, met during the ten week lockdown in Italy in March. Being unable to leave their individual apartments, love blossomed as they talked daily from their balconies and made phone calls to each other.

After lockdown ended in May they arranged to meet at a local park and Mr D’Alpaos told The Times that “we are definitely getting married, all we have to arrange now is the date”.

They have considered a large ceremony on the roof of the building where he lives as they say it would be appropriate to do it where they first met. They first saw each other as they used to come out to listen to the music played to lift peoples spirits at 6pm every afternoon.

They started a relationship and swapped telephone numbers and, by July, the couple were spending time on holidays with each others families. Ms Agnelli told The Times that she felt it was their destiny to meet the way they did and that it was lovely to find each other in such troubling times.  Global247News Twitter

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