Police seek a man in Colchester for punching and knocking out a cat

Police in Colchester Essex are seeking a man who decided to punch and knock out a cat as it sat on a fence

A cat owner witnessed a cruel man in Colchester turn and punch her cat full-on in the face, knocking it out cold as it sat on a fence.

The cat’s owner was walking in an alleyway in Coats Hutton Road, Colchester, when she saw two men walking close to where her cat was poised on the six feet high fence as they turned and launched a full-blown punch on the defenceless animal laying it out cold.

The cat eventually came round after a minute or two but then run off and hasn’t been seen since the attack leaving a situation if it has received long term damage.

The cat owner has said: “I’m obviously very angry that a grown adult feels the need to punch a defenceless small animal for no reason.

“It’s not on.

“Who would do that to a little cat?

“ I don’t know how she is because she has runoff.

“He wasn’t a small bloke so could easily have seriously hurt her and I would not have known.”

The woman has given descriptions of both men to the police.

Both were white and in their 30s.

One was around 6ft tall, of large build with dark hair and beard and tattoos on his arm.

The other was around 5ft 8 inches with blonde hair and of a skinny build.

At least one is believed to be local.

Police have been informed about the incident which happened at roughly 6 pm on Monday and are appealing for anyone with any further information.

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