Millionaire Neil Endley still traumatised after ear bitten off on way to Spain on Ryanair flight

Neil Endley a millionaire company director still remains traumatised as he has his ear bitten off on the way to Spain.

Visiting Spain’s Mallorca should be a relaxing experience but is still leaves businessman Neil Endley traumatised and still in total shock.

As we reported yesterday morning, a man had his ear bitten off by a drunken yob as he flew to Spain’s Mallorca for a holiday.

Now the victim has been named as millionare businessman Neil Endley. Who suffered the awful experience as a British drunken yob went crazy during the flight.

Neil, the owner of the Bridge Group of engineering firms, says he’s pursuing legal advice after the attack. And says he’d never met the ear biter before in his life.

“It was a harrowing experience which I am struggling to come to terms with,” he told The Sun newspaper.

He added: “It was made worse having to deal with it by the fact that there were very few people on the plane at 37,000ft.

“It’s very distressing and upsetting as I had nothing to do with this person.  I was flying off for a nice weekend away.”

The company director from leafy Warwickshire whose ear was partially severed is currently in talks with his legal advisors. And his solicitors feel he has a very strong case both against the offender and the airline itself.

The 29-year-old attacker currently remains under arrest with the Spanish police in Mallorca. And is set to face a court hearing and expected jail time.  Global247News Twitter

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