Escaped Prisoner Akram Uddin tried to turn himself in 4 times but police turned him away

An escaped prisoner tried to hand himself four times to police was constantly turned away

The Metropolitan police force has now been ordered to launch an inquiry after a court heard that the escaped prisoner, who had been jailed for firearms offences, spent a month trying to hand himself into officers but was repeatedly turned away by cops.
Akram Uddin admitted to going over the fence as it’s known from an open prison to see his mother on 17 June.
His lawyers told his sentencing hearing on Friday that seven times he asked police to arrest him for it and seven times they refused.
“This case, more than any other I have heard or have been involved with in my last two decades of practice, perhaps illustrates the extent of the managed decay of the criminal justice system,” Uddin’s lawyer, Liam Walker of Doughty Street Chambers, told Maidstone crown court on Friday.
A full investigation will now be carried out on how the police refused to accept a prisoner who was at large and had escaped.

Although on social media cons who have their own Facebook group that they access from hidden mobile phones in jail are in fits of laughter.

Jamie Toole posted from his cell in Portland prison said: ” Maybe now’s the time to go over the wall especially if they don’t want us back, I could go home for Christmas and New Year”
Although Roly Simms replied back from Winson Green nick in Birmingham: ” You don’t want to do that, it’s tougher out there, Boris is putting the squaddies on the street soon, stay safe Bro”
The last word though came from the prisoner’s lawyer who said:
“It is utterly astonishing that, when Mr Uddin asked to be taken back into custody, he was refused. There is little more than an escaped prisoner can do than instruct his solicitor that he is going to a particular police station, attend that police station with a bag, say he has escaped from prison, give his full details and ask to be arrested and taken back,”  Global247News Twitter

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