Dr Hilary predicts rule of six will be scrapped by government

Prime Minister Boris Johnson last night tightened the coronavirus restrictions and Dr Hilary believes it wont be long before they scrap the rule of six.

Johnson addressed the nation and told people to work from home if they can, and once again reduced the number of wedding guests.

The PM also increased the fines for those choosing to break the rules. The government kept the rule with it being illegal for people from separate households to meet up in a group of more than six.

However Dr Hilary has hit back claiming the government has not gone far enough. Speaking on ITV Lorraine today he said: ‘The restrictions have been suggested to reduce the transmission, so what [Mr Johnson] has done is he has introduced the 10pm curfew to try and prevent people from drinking a lot and forgetting the social distancing,

‘He’s increased the potential fines for those who flout the rules.’

‘The rule of six still applies, which is a surprise because that’s not happening in Scotland.

‘Six people can meet from different households still (in England), I think that will change but we’ll have to wait and see what the figures are like.’

Dr Hilary also claimed that hospital admissions are increasing and could be a huge risk to the country.


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