Patrick Blake Found Guilty Of GBH on disabled mother as prisoners await for retribution

Patrick Blake has been found guilty of grievous bodily harm with intent on a disabled mother as prisoners await his arrival to prison to carry out retribution whilst daughter Emily Jenner sets up Go Fund Me page

On the 1st of February this year a family were left in total shock as Patrick Blake turned violent on their mother and family member.

The family had thought Blake to be a decent man until he lashed out violently at the disabled lady and brutally beat her.

Guilty Woman Beater Patrick Blake

The disabled mother who suffers from 2 prolapsed discs in her back, arthritis and fibromyalgia was the poor victim as Blake lashed out beating her to a pulp.

As the unprovoked attack started he smashed her head into a bedroom mirror before grabbing a hoover pipe and viciously beating her with it around the head and body, so strong bending and breaking the pipe.

After the pipe broke the brute then pinned her down on the floor and brutally punched her repeatedly in the face to the point she kept going unconscious, he woke her up again and beat her again and then attempted tried to strangle her with a dressing gown belt.

The disabled mother was left two with broken eye sockets, broken nose broken jaw and several broken ribs as well as a broken arm in two places.

Thankfully despite her severe injuries, she survived the brutal attack and now her loving daughter Emily Jenner has set up a funding page in an attempt to help her come to terms with the brutal attack.

As the woman beater, Blake was found guilty last week of GBH with intent, the news soon leaked onto social media channels and spread reaching a forum often used by current and past prisoners.

The prisoners it appears await the arrival of Blake and are currently “On Watch” to see which jail he arrives in as they wish to take retribution for the awful crime.

One prisoner made a call to arms and said: ” Wrong un, woman beater, he’s a bully, he needs his knee caps done, he needs to die”

Whilst a member of the group but not in jail currently called for action as she said: ” Men in prison you have a monster among you, beat the F…..r until he begs you to stop and then beat him some more”

Whilst another, Colin Reid said: ” This …. needs to be horizontal and smoke coming out of his chest”

It’s reported amongst the underworld that over a thousand hardcore prisoners are now on the lookout for Blake in all prisons across Britain.

An insider from one of the jails told Global247news this morning: ” Everybody is on the lookout for Blake and he will be dealt with, there is a code of honour, even in here against woman beaters and nonces, he looks like ex-footballer and TV presenter Ian Wright so finding him will be easy wherever he ends up, the lads here in Bristol nick want him badly”  Global247News Twitter

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