Leading Anti Coronavirus Campaigner Strikes Out After Latest Regulations Set

A leading anti Coronavirus campaigner has hit out hard questioning the current stance against COVID-19

STEVEN Thomas who leads campaigns across the UK against the government and their viewpoints regards dealing with Coronavirus has once again hit out at the newly applied further regulations.

Thomas, from South Wales, has battled with law enforcement and politicians whilst leading campaigns in both South Wales & London.

The campaigner who has a legion of followers in agreement with his views exceeding 35,000, exploded last night as the further regulations were announced by the British government.

Thomas who has recently returned from Spain’s Fuengirola and Portugal’s Algarve took to questioning COVID.

He questioned in his latest statement:

Let’s start with Covid19 is a real Virus, But is it as bad as we are being told and are we being lied to on a horrendous scale?
Well, let’s go back to the beginning of the year when we heard about this deadly Virus originating in Wuhan. We saw videos of the people of Wuhan dying in the streets. They were like zombies and it strictly mirrored someone on Crystal meth or Spice.
But now we know people don’t die of COVID that way but it was the start of the fear they were installing in everyone.
Then we heard about Italy that people were dying on a massive scale not seen before, the hospitals were full and we were seeing pictures of the hospitals in total disarray, but those pictures were being used in different countries, we had photos of lines of coffins. And the fear factor was in full swing.
But here in the UK cases started to mount up and I remember seeing an article on Sky News on the stages of having COVID and how you will die of this virus. A horrendous piece of journalism I have ever seen. The public is now very afraid. We had our PM who stated he had this virus, next thing he was in hospital then he was in intensive care. We were told to pray for Boris.
But two weeks later he is miraculously back behind his desk. The public was now afraid if he could have this virus so could they.
The hospitals we were told were full to capacity only to find out this was an out and out lie. One hospital even was saying there A&E was full and there was a massive tent in the car park which was also full. Only to find out there was a massive tent in the car park but was never used.
We got told the NHS staff was at breaking point with the stress of so many deaths of COVID, but the reality was we were seeing video after video on empty wards on Tik Tok dancing and laughing and joking around.
No social distancing.
People were told stay away from your elderly parents as if you see them you could kill them, Grandkids was told the same, Families was kept apart and most complied not wanting to feel the guilt of being responsible for there deaths. We were told to stay in our houses and the Government would basically pay you to stay home.
Now the public is so frightened many were calling for marshal law, we are now being told to spy on your neighbours and to report them if you saw if they had anyone who is not part of that household and they were instructed to phone a grassing hotline to report them.
To watch your neighbours to see if they went out to exercise more than the allowance of once a day or if they were longer than an hour. Not since Nazi Germany has a nation been told to spy and report there Neighbours.
Government advisors were drawing up plans to keep us locked up etc only for them to break those rules themselves. In the meantime people was too frightened to visit a hospital for serious illnesses or those that have just come up with symptoms, god knows the number of deaths we will see in the coming months due to this.
Then there was the famous break-in reporting of COVID after a certain person died in America. Then the press was encouraging disorder and the tearing down of statues. No longer were they concerned about social distancing just telling us they were peaceful protests. Then a few weeks later COVID made the return and again social distancing was very important again.
And now to the present time and the government knows a national lockdown could see civil unrest as more people will lose their jobs and businesses.
Pubs will close down for good along with many small businesses, the airline industry are in serious trouble with even more job losses to come.
And all this for a death rate of 0.075%.
So calling for a National lockdown would not go well they are now locking down the UK County by County City by City. Little by little and before we know it the UK will be in lockdown again. And all this despite hardly any hospital admissions and next to no deaths but deaths from suicide at the moment is skyrocketing.
But the government now know a frightened public is right in their hands. We are told we can’t gather in groups of more than six unless you are hunting.
We were told at the beginning that masks would not protect you but now we are being told they do. We are told that unless we do as they say many will die mainly the elderly etc, but it was the government who told hospitals that care home patients that had covid was to be sent straight back into the care home system so they could say our elderly are dying in care homes.


Thomas at a London Protest Breaking Welsh Curfew
In the meantime, other viruses and illnesses continue to dwarf Covid in the death stakes. Now I firmly believe in a few weeks time we will be under a total lockdown with a harshness of matrial law. If you don’t think we would look at Victoria in Australia who are living under a martial law and police brutality.
And just to say if there was no news channels would you even know this Virus was about ?
The government have kept you away from family and friends they have stopped many from working they have covered your face. And tell me are you comfortable with this ?
Remember the death toll has also been manipulated because to be counted as Covid all is required at death is they died with Covid and not of Covid.
And the tests are flawed as they are picking up dead covid cells and that is being counted as a positive result.
Please use your common sense and look at it more closely and ask yourself are the government deliberately lying to us ? Ask yourself does anything add up ? And remember we have now been told Covid will have a day off on Christmas Day. But Boxing Day it will be back with a vengeance.”
“The same applies from what I have seen in both Spain and Portugal,” he told Global247news this morning.
“Take Fuengirola, it was as safe as houses, there’s no need for masks and all the heavy regulations they are killing the ex-pat businesses there – it’s despicable what’s happening to them, going out of business over a bad bout of the flu, is it worth it? – I feel for them – the whole of Europe needs to rise against the establishments and make a stance” he said.


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