Government send the army in to Spain's Madrid as anti lockdown defiance rises

Madrid’s government have called in the Spanish army to assist the police in controlling the streets

The Spanish army is being drafted onto the streets of Madrid to assist the police as many regions of the city have been placed back under lockdown conditions.

Currently, there is a lot of protesting and defiance in the Spanish capital against the latest lockdown regulations.

The defiance and protests are led from the poorer regions of the city where the residents feel it’s the poorer regions that at being unfairly placed under regulations whilst more affluential regions escaped the news laws enforced.

On the first day of lockdown regulations, the police in Madrid struggled to enforce the laws as thousands of residents defied the law and continued about their daily business.

Madrid has been the epicentre in Spain for Coronavirus for several months now which much blame being proportioned to the cities residents for spreading the killer virus across Spain.

Citizens of Madrid have been allowed through the summer to leave the city for vacations- with the majority heading to second-holiday homes on Spain’s Costa del Sol and Costa Blanca as well as hotels.

Many feel that this has been the cause of a higher rate of infections in regions such as Valencia & Andalucia in recent weeks.

British ex-pat Jim Connor told Global247news of many peoples views, he said: “Many of us in the ex-pat communities feel the same way, each time the people of Madrid are allowed to travel down here, the infections rise, we saw it before earlier in the year and now we are seeing it again after the summer holiday period”

The army now will be drafted into Madrid to assist the police in upholding the new laws from this morning.  Global247News Twitter

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