Susanna Reid not on GMB today after being upset over Piers leaving

Piers Morgan ad Susanna Reid clashed with Dr Hilary on Good Morning Britain which left viewers furious.

GMB presenters Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid clash with Dr Hilary: The clash came over the coronavirus pandemic as the hosts hit out at Dr Hilary, asking him why to explain why 10pm curfews on bars and restaurants was necessary.

Morgan and Reid quizzed him over the new coronavirus data, that suggests that cases could reach 50,000 per day in the UK.

In response, Dr Hilary stressed the graph was based on what was currently happening in the UK. He stressed it was a ‘scenario that could happen’ but not a prediction.

Piers pushed Hilary to explain what the difference was between a scenario and a prediction, he demanded to know where the government had got their latest figures from and disagreed with the medical professionals answers.

They clashed when Hilary hit back explaining that the data presents ‘the science and figures’.

However Piers argued ‘If the answer is doubling every seven days… that means the entire country, if we do nothing, will have ended by New Year’s Day,’

‘No it doesn’t,’ Dr Hilary hit back, as Susanna agreed with Piers, remarking that the data suggests that at some point, everybody will have coronavirus.

Dr Hilary tried to reason ‘They’re presenting the science, they’re presenting the figures. They’re giving us the information and the knowledge on which to base some rational decisions’.

The clash showed no signs of cooling off, leaving viewers at home furious as Dr Hilary was shouted over.

‘Dear God- will they stop shouting at Dr Hilary please? #GMB,’ one viewer tweeted.

Another angry viewer agreed: ‘Omg what dont u understand …not this again …stop arguing with Dr Hilary and trying to catch him out #GMB

Another wrote ‘GMB wish Piers & Susanna would stop arguing with Dr Hilary we have restrictions it is not the Government’s fault if some stupid people do not listen to them, some stupid British people hate being told what to do,’

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