UK Supermarkets Beg Customers Not to Stockpile After National Lockdown Fears

UK supermarkets have pleaded with customers not to panic buy and stockpile after fears of a second national lockdown were sparked. 

With local lockdowns being introduced across the UK, rumours of a second national lockdown have been circulating in recent days.

There have already been reports in some areas that delivery slots are running out and shelves are being emptied due to the rise in infections.

Back in March, panic buying and stockpiling was commonly seen across the globe as Covid-19 had a firm grip on the population. It was seen heavily in the UK leading up to the nationwide lockdown that many could see coming.

However, this time around supermarkets have stated that they’re far more prepared this time around and have urged customers to keep calm and shop normally.

An Asda spokesperson said: ‘We are not seeing any evidence of panic-buying either in-store or online, we have plenty of delivery slots available since we have nearly doubled the amount available since the start of March.’

A Tesco spokesperson said: ‘We continue to have good availability for customers in-store and online. ‘We have significantly increased our online capacity from around 600,000 slots in the first week of the crisis to 1.5 million weekly slots now.’  Global247News Twitter

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