Ministers to Give Council Power to Close Pubs for Breaking Test & Trace Measures

Minister may be giving councils’ the power to close pubs for not following test and trace measures, as well as breaking the ‘rule of six.’

Ministers are reportedly considering closing establishments, including bars and restaurants, that do not strictly follow the measures. Similar consequences are also being debated for those that do not adhere to the ‘rule of six’ for customers.

Venues are not allowed to take bookings or walk-ins of more than six people in an attempt to slow to spread of Covid-19.

In England, local authorities have been given the power to issue up to £4,000 fines to businesses that break the rules. Customers can also be refused entry.

The fine is also applicable to establishments that are not recording the details of their customers as part of the NHS Test and Trace scheme.

Ministers are now considering increasing councils’ powers by enabling them to close any premises immediately – if they are not meeting the measures in place.  Global247News Twitter

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