ITV drama Des receives Ofcom complaints from viewers

The dark ITV drama Des, which was aired last week across three episodes and starring David Tennant, has received complaints from some viewers who said it was too disturbing.

ITV drama Des receives Ofcom complaints from viewers: Tennant played the character of Scottish serial killer Dennis Nilsen who, in 1983, was arrested and charged with the murders of 12 men after human remains were found in the drains of the house where he lived in a top floor flat.

The drama sees Tennant reveal details of his horrific murders and included him telling of boiling heads in a pot on his stove, dismemberment and necrophilia. However, it has been revealed that only 7 viewers lodged complaints with Ofcom, the British Broadcasting regulator.

Ofcom stated that “they are assessing these complaints but we have yet to decide whether we will be investigating or not”. Tennant has received much praise for his role as the chilling mass murderer and even Daniel Mays, who played the police officer who caught him, said that his role in the program has given him nightmares.  Global247News Twitter

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