Drunken British Yob Bites Off Passengers Ear On Flight From Birmingham To Spain

A flight to Spain from Birmingham results in passenger having his ear bitten off by British drunken yob fuelled on booze

Spanish police had to storm a flight landing at Spain’s Mallorca airport to arrest a man who is alleged to have bitten off another passengers ear.

The altercation took place as 30,000 feet when a drunken British yob, fuelled on booze, drank another passengers drink and he protested, the yob snarled his teeth and bit the man’s ear lobe off.

The British yob had also descended on the flight’s fridge holding alcohol beverages before being grappled by aircrew after they reserved the right to not serve him more booze.

The Civil Guard said in a statement: “A 29-year-old has been arrested on suspicion of wounding following an incident onboard a plane that had just touched down at Palma Airport.

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