Woman stabbed to death by her husband with a machete

An estranged husband of a woman who worked for the NHS chased her down the street. Before repeatedly stabbing her with a machete.

Woman stabbed to death by her husband with a machete: He has admitted stabbing the mother-of-three in a vicious attack on the 29th March. Craig Woodhall, 41, was due to stand trial on the 28th September. But has since changed his plea a court in Sheffield heard on Friday.

His estranged wife Victoria, 31, was found dead from her wounds outside a house in Barnsley. She had been an operating department practitioner at the Rotherham NHS Trust before her death. Police were alerted to the incident just before 5pm. After he had chased her from their property and, having caught up with her, stabbed her multiple times with a Gurkha style machete.

An air ambulance was scrambled as paramedics rushed to treat her. However, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Initially Woodhall fled the scene of the crime but later gave himself up to police who had already recovered the machete. Her injuries were so severe that she had multiple skull fractures and wounds on her face, neck, arms, back and shoulders. CCTV footage of the incident shows Woodhall stab her multiple times before walking away.

He then returns twice more to carry on the savage attack. Woodhall has been remanded in custody after a plea hearing at Sheffield Crown Court. His trial is scheduled for next month. And he will be sentenced on the 2nd October.

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