Storm Ianos - Two dead after storm lashes Greece

Storm Ianos made landfall on Friday after lashing the Ionian Islands and the western Peloponnese. Then moving on to the centre of the country on Saturday.

Storm Ianos – Two dead after storm lashes Greece: The storm has caused an islands emergency to be put into place with Greece’s weather agency warning of structural damage and possible loss of life in many areas who have been put on alert. So far two people have died. An elderly woman in a flooded house in Farsala and a 63-year-old gentleman who was found dead near a hospital in Karditsa.

One resident of Farsala said in a television interview that “we are dealing with a total catastrophe”. Areas were swamped with water and a bridge collapsed in Karditsa. Just 125 miles north of Athens. Coastguards have reported that five boats have sunk off the islands of Zakynthos (Zante) and Lefkada on Friday.

State of emergency has been declared by Greece’s civil protection agency on Zakynthos, Ithaca and Kefalonia as power cuts have hit many areas. In Kefalonia the mayor, Theofilos Michalatos, has said that although no one has been injured or killed by the storm, roads and homes have been badly damaged.

The powerful storm reached Athens on Saturday but no reports of damage so far. Although trains have been suspended between there and the city of Thessaloniki. According to the World Meteorological Agency the storm is classed as a “medicane”. Which is a hybrid phenomenon showing characteristics of a tropical cyclone. And a mid-latitude storm all mixed together. Although these types of storms are far less common than hurricanes they first appeared in Greece in 1995 and are becoming more frequent.  Global247News Twitter

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