Gavin Hoar From Chard Pleads Guilty To Saying "I'm Going To Send You Back To Ethiopia"

Gavin Hoar has been given a community order after telling another man he was going to “send him back to Ethiopia”, a court heard.

Hoar aged 44 and from Chard in Somerset, pleaded guilty to the offence at South Cumbria Magistrates’ Court.

The racist Somerset man had attended the Ambleside Tavern with another male on January 10 where he committed a racially aggravated assault on Jakeem Addman, saying he was going to return him to Ethiopia.

Prosecution lawyer Lee Dacre said: “The defendant was drinking with another male. The other male was told to leave the bar but the defendant went to buy him another drink.

“He was arguing and squaring up to the security guard in question.

“He said ‘you are not from around here and pushed him away.”

The prosecution went on to add the defendant Hoar said “he was going to send him back to Ethiopia” referring to the security guard complainant.

Hoar’s defence team led by Karen Templeton said that Hoar does not see himself as racist and that this was very out of character for him, which was most likely triggered by his alcohol consumption.

“He is devastated about what happened and said that this was not like him,” Ms Templeton said.

“He has struggled to come to terms with the assault and that it is a racial issue.”

Alongside his community order, Doar had to pay a victim surcharge of £90, court costs of £85, and compensation of £50, which totals £225.

Although Anti Racism campaigners believe the sentence was clearly not strong enough.

Karen Welling who has been leading campaigns for Black Lives Matter in Somerset told Global247news: “How on earth can they call that a punishment? – how will we beat racism in this country when we have idiots like this getting such a paltry fine and sentence,”

” He should have been jailed to set an example to others in places like Somerset that have a bad history of racism” she said.  Global247News Twitter

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