Council shout out to residents in regards new homes in Cornwall

Residents of the county of Cornwall are being requested to step forward to have their say on government plans to change planning rules that would see a requirement for 4,000 new homes to be built each year.

The deadline is short and the council say it’s now a matter of urgency as the deadline looms of October the first.

The proposals for new planning laws, designed to build homes quickly in the UK would see an extra 12,500 new houses being built in Cornwall in the next ten years.

The council have come forward and said, “time to plan for new growth in the right places there are fears this will inevitably result in poor quality and unplanned speculative development coming forward”.

The Council also said that affordable home provision could fall significantly under the new rules, because of proposed short-term changes that mean developers would not have to provide any affordable housing on sites of less than 40/50 homes.

The council further added this could mean a loss of 300 affordable homes a year for Cornwall’s residents and it wanted to provide good quality homes that residents could afford and the proposals while building more homes, risked them “being poor quality and unaffordable”.

“Rightly the Government wants to help small and medium-sized builders in these difficult times.

“Like many Local Authorities in England, we have thousands of homes with planning permission which have not been built.  Unlocking these sites by giving us new powers or funding to build the infrastructure that is needed, will help build these new homes that our residents need.

“In the long-term, the Government’s ’Planning for the Future’ white paper also outlines how greenbelt areas and areas of outstanding natural beauty may get the designation of ‘protect’ areas.

“As many south-east authorities will be over 70 per cent greenbelt, there is a potential risk that this will lead to even greater pressure on Cornwall and other south-west authorities. This is not levelling up.”

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