Brexit: 10 Downing Street tell Democrat Joe Biden to 'butt out' of UK and Northern Ireland peace talks after he calls Tories 'ignorant'

British Conservative politicians are telling Joe Biden to stay out of British politics and are accusing him of ignorance of the Northern Ireland peace process after the Democratic nominee rebuked Prime Minister Boris Johnson for his stance on Brexit.

Biden, who is battling current President Donald Trump for the top job this November, called the UK government ‘ignorant’ and said they were ‘steering towards disaster.’

“We can’t allow the Good Friday agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland to become a casualty of Brexit,” he tweeted before the weekend.

“Any trade deal between the US and UK must be contingent upon respect for the agreement and preventing the return of a hard border. Period.”

This caused anger from the conservatives who rebuked the Vice President.

Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said: “We don’t need lectures on the Northern Ireland peace deal from Mr. Biden. If I were him I would worry more about the need for a peace deal in the USA to stop the killing and rioting before lecturing other sovereign nations.”

Biden’s comments came after the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab met with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Washington this week.

He was there to reassure her and other officials there would be no ‘hard border’ between Ireland and the UK.

Currently, there is a soft border between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland which is apart of the United Kingdom, allowing people to come and go freely, and allows peace for those citizens of Northern Ireland who see themselves as Irish.

A hard border would change this and bring unwanted bureaucracy to people’s lives which will harm the Good Friday agreement.

The civil war in Northern Ireland saw decades of fighting from the 1960s to the millennium and cost tens of thousands of lives and the 1998 Good Friday Agreement has seen relative peace and seen British troops leave altogether in 2007.

Joy Morrisey, a member of Parliament, responded by accusing Biden of pandering to the Irish American vote in a now deleted tweet.

“I guarantee he didn’t know any of that,” she wrote.

“Many Americans know next to nothing about the troubles, the bombings & terrorist attacks on the U.K. Biden is shamelessly pandering to the American Irish vote while refusing to engage with the U.K. Government or U.K. Diplomatic channels. Nice.”

The Tories do not want to alienate either side in the lead up to the elections as they look to strike a deal with the US as they prepare to leave the European Union in December this year.  Global247News Twitter

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