Australia's Lockdown Pays Off As Infections Drop Considerably

Australia heads to record its lowest daily coronavirus increase for twelve weeks as just 18 new cases reported

Australia’s state of Victoria which has been the epicentre of the country’s Covid-19 outbreak has recorded 14 new infections to this morning, down from 21 the day before.
New South Wales and Queensland have only reported two cases each.
The remaining states are yet to report their figures, but rarely any record any new cases.
Figures were last this low on 23 June earlier in the year.
Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the numbers were “cause for great optimism”. The State of Victoria, which has accounted for 75% of Australia’s 26,900 cases and 90% of its 849 deaths, has been under lockdown since the start of July.
Whilst demonstrations continue to take place in the country about the hardness of the lockdown and the very strict measures the Premier cited examples of what’s taking place in Europe, especially Spain and the UK.

“It’s heartbreaking to see all of those communities have given – all the sacrifice they’ve made – and now they’ve got cases running perhaps more wildly than their first wave,”
“Some of these nations as well, I see a bit of commentary around the place about how… death rates in second waves are lower. That’s not what the data’s saying. That’s not what the data in Europe is saying. You’ve got to see it off.”
The Australian Premier clearly feels his hard regulations and strict law enforcement has worked especially in Melbourne, a sentiment backed up by residents, Chris Fang, who resides in Burwood told Global247news:
It’s been tough but Daniels called it correctly- when you look at Europe and then you look at Australia there’s a vast difference now, let’s hope it stays this way”
Restrictions are now starting to be relaxed in Melbourne with the promise of lifting the current curfew and exercise limits on 26 October if there are less than five new cases per day.  Global247News Twitter

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