Spain’s Jon Toral playing today for Birmingham City met Welsh fury as Swansea’s Alan Tate choke slammed the Spanish player

Jon Toral felt the full fury of  Swansea City coach Alan Tate as he grabbed the Spanish player by the throat as the players walked off at half time in the game between Swansea City and Birmingham City.

Words were exchanged as the Spaniard walked from the pitch and Swansea die-hard, Alan Tate took no prisoners as he grabbed the Spanish player by the throat before the Spaniard dived to the floor in dramatic fashion.

The dive then provoked a full-blown bust-up between the benches of the rival teams.

A full bust-up between benches

The incident will no doubt be investigated by the English football league and could lead to a lengthy ban for the Swansea coach, although Swansea fans after the game were not disappointed by the actions of Tate.

Swansea Jack die-hard Eddie Jones and his son Josh said after the game: ” Hey you don’t mess with Tatey – that was something out of WWE – it was epic, what a move,”

Billy Collier said: “Epic by Tate – that bloody showed him – you don’t come to Swansea and give it the big one which was what the Spanish lad was doing – Tate will be ok he’s a hero around here”

Kicks right off in Swansea

With crowds still banned from stadiums due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Swansea fan and season ticket holder said: “Sod’s law it was behind closed doors, the fans would have loved that on a full match day”

Naturally, though, Cardiff Fans down the M4 corridor are calling for a life ban, Gareth Hughes told Global247news: ” Longneck Tate should get it wound in for good after this – it’s not the first time he’s been violent – life ban from football he should get for that, that’s what a fan would get” he said.  Global247News Twitter

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