Anti LOCKDOWN protesters clash with police in London's Trafalgar Square

Police clash with Anti Lockdown protesters in London’s Trafalgar Square

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters have fought toe to toe with riot police at a rally in Trafalgar Square organised by opponents of the Government’s coronavirus restrictions.

Metropolitan Police officers intercepted the mass protest as angry demonstrators broke coronavirus laws without protective masks on.

The protestors headed Nelson’s column in central London, carrying placards branding Covid-19 as the “plandemic.”

Other campaigners carried cards which read “this is now tyranny,” in reference to tightening lockdown restrictions across the UK.

Police on foot and horseback attempted to break up the gathering, but one protester punched a London black cab driver as he attempted to move his car through a sea of people.

The protesters were shouting like football fans at a local derby as they screamed ‘Freedom, Freedom’ whilst a few made Nazi salutes at the police trying to contain the protest.

Campaign leader Kate Shemirani  addressed her entourage of demonstrators saying: ‘We are the resistance.’

The Welsh leader of the Campaign Steven Thomas from Bargeod, who has broken Welsh lockdown regulations to attend called Global247news from the action just 10 minutes ago and said: ” It’s all going off, there are lads from all over Britain here and it’s turning tasty, the police are stepping up the anti now and we are not having it”

“This is like a police state and we are fighting for our freedom,” he said.

“We are going nowhere until we get our message across, whatever the old bill say” he finished before rejoining the demo.  Global247News Twitter

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