A student party in Manchester has seen students isolated as party goers test positive

Several students are isolating at a Manchester Metropolitan University campus following an outbreak of coronavirus.

A spokesman for the university said they are ‘managing a handful of confirmed cases’ in flats at the Birley campus in Hulme.

A neigbour to the flats where the party took place revealed: “”It was like a rave, they were just p****d. The music was loud. They were drinking, hanging off each other”, whilst 68 year old Paul Monk stormed: “Typical bloody students, no respect for anyone, they were loud and obnoxious when I tried to point out to them they were breaking the law”

Students at Manchester party

Monk continued: ” I just done get it, they are suppossed to be following their dream of getting a degree to get a decent start in life and they turnout and behave like animals during a pandemic, their parents should be ashamed of their children”

A spokesman for Manchester Metropolitan University said: “We have several confirmed cases of COVID-19 within our student community.

“Our people are our top priority and we are now working closely with the local health authorities to provide guidance and support to affected students and our wider community and to minimise the risk of the spread of COVID-19 infections.”



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