Weather vane returned to Cathedral's spire by father and son team

A golden weather vane that has stood on top of a Cathedral spire since the 18th century has now been replace after it was taken down for re gilding.

Weather vane returned to Cathedral’s spire: Last month, conservationists Chris Milford, 72 and his son Sam scaled 315ft up the spire of Norwich Cathedral to reach the golden cockerel shaped vane using a system of pulley ropes.

After being covered with a thin layer of gold, they returned it to it’s lofty position overlooking the city. It is thought to be the first time since the vane has been at ground level since 1963.

The Cathedral spire of Norwich is the second tallest in the country after Salisbury. As the Weather vane returned to Cathedral’s spire, standing at just 2ft 9ins (83cms), it has been recorded that it has stood atop of the spire since it was rebuilt in 1756 and is the third spire to be documented in the Cathedral’s life.

The first spire was completed in 1297 but later got blown down in a storm in 1362. The second spire was lost to fire after a lightning strike in 1463. Robert Everard is thought to have been the designer of the current spire, which was erected in the 15th century and records suggest it may have been completed in 1485.  Global247News Twitter

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