Matt Hancock defends Prime Minister's bicycle ride 7 miles from home

As coronavirus infections in the UK continue to rise, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has said that a second national lockdown is possible. But would only be implemented as a “last line of defence” agains the virus.

Second nationwide lockdown is possible says Health Secretary: Although he refused to comment when asked this morning how near the country was to being put into a second lockdown. He did say that the Government would do whatever is necessary to keep the population safe.

Speaking just hours after the North East was placed under firmer restrictions he said that, obviously, the first line of defense is that everybody should be social distancing. And, after that, the second line is to be able to rely on the contact tracing systems that have been put in place. And only after that would local lockdowns be considered.

He went on to say that the very last line of defense would be national action on a full scale to keep people safe. Areas now under the tougher restrictions are Birmingham, the North East, Greater Manchester, Lanarkshire and Leicester. Around 11 million people out of a total population of 65 million are now adhering to these new restrictions.

As he was pressed on the national lockdown situation arising again he said that “we do not want to see that. The country needs, once again, to come together and take on this serious challenge as infection numbers are rising”. A scientific advisory group to the Government is calling for a 2 week national lockdown in October. To try and stem the flow of the virus as more people are being infected and hospitalised. Although Mr Hancock was asked repeatedly about the national lockdown becoming fact, he said that it will be avoided if it possibly can. But we must stay vigilant and we will keep things under review.  Global247News Twitter

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