Mark Drakeford: Newport and Merthyr Tydfil under close watch for potential LOCKDOWN


As he states Welsh Government are keeping Newport and Merthyr Tydfil under close watch.

Mr Drakeford said he’s heard some people say that the current rise in coronavirus cases is “nothing to worry about”.

But, he said, Wales now has 41 people being treated for coronavirus in hospitals and four people are in intensive care.

“We have learned a lot over the last six months about coronavirus, including how to treat it. “But for everything we have learned, it is still a new disease, which is very infectious and has few effective treatments,” he said.

Although residents in South Wales aren’t impressed with his latest statement.

Craig Parry remarked after the statement: ” Full of the joys is dreary Drakeford. Smiling now and again might help instead of the constant doom and gloom poker face. Figures are down to such a level that this shouldn’t be called a pandemic any longer – not that any minister or politician would care to mention this.”

Whilst Christopher Enright said how sick of it all he is: ” This man is totally useless and I’m sick and tired of negative leadership in the whole of the UK.”

Meanwhile, Martin Jones hit out at Labour supporters in Wales: “What beats me is he is worse than useless but people will still vote for him labour have kept Wales down for years.”

Drakeford has never been a popular leader in Wales and now has come under further fire with his latest views and actions.  Global247News Twitter

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