Football fans laugh at Gareth Bale's return from Spain As Tee Off Booked

Football fans laugh at Gareth Bale’s return from Spain to Tottenham as golf appears to be the first priority

Gareth Bale who returns to the English Premiership from Spain’s Real Madrid has raised many eyebrows throughout the football world as he signs for his former club Tottenham on a season-long loan.

Bale, who clearly has fallen out with Real Madrid’s manager Zidane, who cited him as being more interested in playing golf than playing football, heads back to the UK and fans have discovered that his first priority on return is a game of golf with the Tottenham directors of the club.

Word soon spread as Youtube football pundit Adam Brown released images on social media of the booking bringing tears of laughter throughout the football world.

Tee Off Booked

Brown who runs “Football With Brownie” on the social media channel and has a worldwide following of football fans told Global247news this morning: ” I’ve had contact from global football fans and they are in stitches at the booking, especially West Ham and Arsenal fans, they feel it expresses where Bale’s loyalties lie – the golf course”

Bale who is a golf fanatic has even built a golf course in his back garden at his home near Cowbridge in South Wales.

Many football fans share the same sentiment that Bale has fallen out of love with the game since massing a multi-million-pound fortune from the game.

” Golf clearly is his priority it’s all he lives and breathes now and that’s why Real Madrid want shot,” said Welsh fan Daniel Hughes.

“I think though he still enjoys turning out for Wales, but I feel he’s just going through the motions at club level as he nears the end of his footballing career, the motions of just banking as much cash as he can and playing golf seems to be his priority” Hughes feels.

” He’s gone to Spurs rather than big clubs like those in Manchester and Liverpool because they know his interest has gone in the game, Spurs aren’t a big club and needed a marque signing, I think it will all end in tears personally,” said West Ham supporter Davey James from Ilford.

The season ahead will only see if the fans are right but it’s clear to them golf is the interest these days for the player.  Global247News Twitter

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