Second nationwide lockdown is possible says Health Secretary

Coronavirus cases have risen by a staggering 75% over the last week in England new figures show.

UK Coronavirus cases soar by 75%: In the week leading up to 9th September 18,371 people have tested positive for COVID-19. This figure coming from the latest results from test and trace. Figures have rocketed from the week previously which saw only 9,864 testing positive.

It is also the highest weekly number since test and trace was introduced back at the end of May. The newly released figures by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) also show that testing numbers rose by 27% from the week previously.

The total amount of people referred to the test and trace system was 15,526. A 74% increase on the week before. It has also been revealed that 61,790 were identified as coming into close proximity to someone who has already tested positive for the week 2nd to 9th September.

The tracing system managed to reach around 70% of test-positive people to tell them that they need to self isolate. Which means 30% were not notified. These figures have been released after it was revealed that over 4,000 people tested positive in just one day. The highest daily amount since the beginning of May. Matt Hancock, Health Secretary, said that it would take “a few weeks” to rectify the tracing problems due to the huge amount of people requesting tests.

Local shortages due to the high demand have been noticed and some people requiring tests are still asked to drive a long way to get one. Edward Argar, Health Minister, has denied this morning that the Prime Minister has been advised to put the whole country on a fortnight’s lockdown to help stop the spread of the virus.  Global247News Twitter

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