Large virus outbreak at school blamed on staff party

A large number of school staff have contracted COVID-19 after holding a staff party.

Large virus outbreak at school blamed on staff party: The head teacher of the school has spoken out of his upset. John Aspin, head teacher at Holy Trinity Stacksteads C of E primary school in Bacup, Lancashire, has posted a letter on the school website. Criticizing staff who attended a school event at the home of a former employee on 5th September.

Mr Aspin said after 11 of his employees were diagnosed with the virus that he “wondered what had gone wrong at the school”. He also believes that some of the eleven infected had not actually attended the event. But caught it from those that had been there.

He went on to say that he was reliably informed on Monday that members of his staff had attended the party. Along with people who were not employed at the school and, in doing so, they had jeopardized all the hard work undertaken by the school to keep the virus at bay by mixing together.

Sadly Mr Aspin was not informed of the party and, if he had been, he said he would of advised his staff not to attend. Eight of the eleven infected had been there and three others contracted it later. He finished off by saying that he apologized to parents for the worry and stress that the incident had caused. And insisted that those concerned would regret their actions. He has made his disappointment known to the staff involved.  Global247News Twitter

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