George Floyd trial to be broadcast on UK TV channel

As part of a new series covering court action, the murder trail of the four policemen accused of killing George Floyd will be broadcast in the UK.

George Floyd trial to be broadcast on UK TV channel: The trial of the police officers is being promoted as a highlight by the company behind Court TV. Which is being aired on SKY and started last Wednesday. Riots and protests across the US were seen after his death and Black Lives Matter (BLM) made their protests right across the globe.

One of the officers has been charged with murder whilst the other three are charged with aiding and abetting the murder. Court TV, now airing in Britain, ran for 27 years in the USA. Starting in 1991. Another of it’s forthcoming trials sees three white men accused of the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. A black man who was gunned down and killed while out jogging in his local neighbourhood.

President of the Katz Network who produce the show, Jonathan Katz, said “there has been nothing like Court TV in Britain until now. And we envisage that television viewers will embrace being able to sit on the front row and watch these trials”.

Prosecutors told a judge at a hearing on 11th September that the four officers should stand trial together. As their crimes are all similar and individual trails may cause untold stress on witnesses and Floyd’s family members. The full trial is expected to begin in 2021.  Global247News Twitter

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