Teacher's assistant found guilty of sending topless snaps to student

Kandice Barber has been found guilty at Aylesbury Crown Court on two counts.

Teacher’s assistant found guilty: One of sexual communication with a minor and one of causing a minor to watch a sexual act by a person in a position of trust. The jury of the court found her guilty of both offenses by a 10 to 2 majority.

She was, however, acquitted of inciting or causing a child to partake in sexual activities. Jurors could not decide on the last 3 charges. Mainly of asking a child to engage in a sexual act and were dismissed by the judge on Tuesday afternoon.

A retrial is expected to take place in January. It is alleged that the acts took place between September and October 2018.  Although Barber strenuously denied all charges. The court heard how she added herself to the pupil’s Snapchat account at a sports day in September before having sex with him in a field.

The jurors were told that in January 2019 he denied having an affair with Barber because she told him she could be pregnant with his baby. But later on, in March, told his head teacher that Barber had picked him up after school to have sex with him.

Asked whether he had falsified his Snapchat account to make it look like he had sex with her he said no. Because he wasn’t “obsessed with her”. He went on to say that Barber had told him she would “take him down” if he told anyone what had happened.

When asked by the court why she had searched online about “secluded area” she replied it was to take her dog for a walk. The jury, who took longer than 10 hours to reach their verdicts, delivered them in court on Tuesday.

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