Estepona beach suicide attempt

The National Police have foiled a suicide attempt on the beach in Estepona Spain Costa del Sol

A close-by resident in Spain’s Estepona on the Costa del Sol was looking out to sea when she noticed a very distressed woman on the beach.

The distressed woman took to the sea, which didn’t look natural to the bystander and she alerted the police of the suspicious circumstances.

Within minutes 3 officers arrived, with one diving into the sea where the woman by now was trying to drown herself 150 yards out off the beach.

As the officer pulled the woman by her shoulders from the high waves last night, he dragged her to the safety of the shore, whilst the other two officers assisted.

The distressed woman confessed to the 3 police officers that she was trying to end it all and was depressed due to personal issues.

Emergency services arrived with an ambulance to where the distressed lady was taken to hospital for treatment for hypothermia and mental health supervision.

Spain’s suicide rates are on the increase in 2020 as statistics show the rise, much aligned with the pressures of life in Spain after the pandemic and the fear of the future.  Global247News Twitter

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