Spain's Madrid government warns they are taking 'drastic measures' this weekend to reduce Covid-19

The Deputy Minister of Health, Antonio Zapatero, made the stark warning today from Congress.

Speaking to reporters, Zapatero said the Community of Madrid needed to take ‘one more step’ to overcome the virus.

Those measures will be listed to the public this weekend Zapatero said but will most likely consist of reduced persons in social meetings and the closure of non-essential buildings such as leisure centres.

The health minister said that even though the community had seen ‘sustained growth’ and ‘maintenance of the level of infection’ what is being done to lower virus cases is ‘not enough.’

“The community will have to take the measures they have to take.”

The news comes as from Monday it was announced that 2 million antigenic tests will be released onto the Spanish people to help see better whether people have the virus or not.

Localised lockdowns have occurred all across Spain in the last few months and closing the capital completely is ‘not off the table’ Spanish councillors said.  Global247News Twitter

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